Eoin, 22, Thurles

I know that without the opportunities SpunOut.ie has given me I would be lost…

Eoin, 22, from Thurles

“I can’t over-stress the importance of SpunOut.ie to me as a young person growing up in Ireland. It’s unique in providing free, online information that young people really need, and getting involved in that work has given me so many opportunities I would never otherwise have had.

I was in Transition Year when I first got involved with SpunOut.ie. I was very interested in making videos back then but didn’t have much of an audience. I remember so clearly when my local youth worker emailed me with an opportunity to cover the Young Scientist Competition for SpunOut.ie in Dublin. I ended up becoming involved on a regular basis, producing many videos and articles for the site that I’m still really proud of.

Later, I joined the Youth Action Panel, the group of young people from across Ireland who help to govern the organisation and advise the staff on what young people need from SpunOut.ie. Last year I was elected to the Board of Directors where I currently sit, liaising between the Board and Action Panel. It’s very satisfying to be involved in the running of a site that I and so many others use very regularly for help, information and advice.

I’ve learned a great amount from my involvement with SpunOut.ie. Personally it’s taught me about health, food, fitness and so much more. Professionally, it’s given me invaluable experience in writing, video production, governance and the realities of running an organisation. I don’t know where I could have learned those skills without it.

Being involved with SpunOut.ie has also made me a more compassionate person. My first interactions with the website were when I was trying to get help for myself. Later, as I became more involved, my focus switched to helping others. SpunOut.ie opened my eyes to how so many of us face so many problems in life, and now the most important thing for me is making sure we are always working to best serve the needs of other young people.

I get such a sense of pride knowing that all my friends and a massive percentage of the people I meet use the site. It’s been so important in my own life and my development as a person. I know that without the opportunities SpunOut.ie has given me I would be lost.“