About us

About us


NYCI in partnership with our member organisations and the wider youth work sector is running the “Youth Work Changes Lives” campaign from 2017-2019 to highlight the positive contribution of youth work to young people, local communities and Irish society as a whole.


The youth work sector makes a positive and significant contribution in the lives of young people. Too much of the excellent work undertaken by youth work organisations is unseen and unheard by politicians, policymakers and the public in general. This has an impact on policy and investment decisions. With your help we are trying to change that through the “Youth Work Changes Lives” campaign. Collectively as a sector we need to spread the message about the value of youth work and the need for investment in youth work services.


In the first instance we will be focusing on national politicians, however over time we also plan that the campaign will engage with local politicians, civil society and the population as a whole


We would encourage each organisation to consider how best to incorporate the “Youth Work Changes Lives” campaign into their annual work plans. A key objective should be to include activities which highlight and publicise the role of youth work locally and nationally. Direct contact with politicians, press and the public at large to promote the message should be prioritised. Each organisation will have to determine how best it can contribute, however overleaf are some ways you can get involved.